Citizen Police Advisory Committee

June 16, 2020 -

We are very fortunate to have a Police Chief that is focused on making sure his officers maintain positive community relations while performing the extremely difficult job of law-enforcement.  The need for this approach has become all too evident in recent weeks, as we have witnessed how badly police / citizen relationships have been allowed to deteriorate in other U.S. cities.

The Citizen’s Advisory Committee that Chief Kifer announced this evening will establish a formal methodology to proactively ensure that all members of our diverse community have the ability to review policies and procedures, provide input and suggestions and play an important role in maintaining transparency and accountability in police / citizen interactions.  Formalizing this process with an active, inclusive and evolving committee confirms that the City of Hagerstown values the guidance, input and opinions of all segments of our population, and will prevent the institution of  policies that might knowingly or unknowingly disenfranchise any segment of our community. 

HPD’s leadership team has done a great job building relationships within the community.  Establishing this formal committee, chartered to contribute to and build on this progress, ensures this commitment to continuous improvement in police / community relations will become part of our Police Department’s culture, and will not be lost as personnel come and go over the years.






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