Raise your hand if you want higher taxes!

City revenues have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the present time, we know there will be at least a $1.8 million budget shortfall. That means that the costs to achieve Hagerstown’s published goals and objectives, provide services as planned, make contributions as planned to agencies that improve our quality-of-life, fund the city-wide festivals and celebrations we’ve all come to love, and make the improvements and repairs planned for the remainder of the year are going to exceed the City’s ability to support them. We won’t know how bad the situation is going to be until the pandemic is behind us, but the revenue shortfall could easily exceed $2 million, and possibly much more if we see another wave of COVID related shut-downs.

How will your City deal with the unexpected

$2 million revenue shortfall this year?

  • Will your taxes be raised…… again?

  • Will City Services be cut? If so, which ones?

  • Which City projects, programs and events will be suspended, or completely cancelled?

  • Which outside agencies that traditionally depend upon City support will be told, “sorry, not this year”?

The answer depends upon who YOU choose to represent you on the City Council a few weeks from now!

Make sure that the people you put in office support YOUR priorities, YOUR values and YOUR vision for the future of YOUR City!

My pledge to you is that I will NOT vote to raise taxes.

Every business and organization in Hagerstown has had to re-prioritize expenditures, make tough choices, change plans and make significant cuts in order to survive the economic disaster this pandemic has become. Your City government should not be the exception.

The majority of our residents have been hit extremely hard financially, and raising taxes is not an option as far as I’m concerned. I pledge to continue to be a good steward of our tax dollars and budget, focusing on controlling expenditures and looking for new sources of revenue that will allow us to maximize the value of the amenities, services and protections the City provides to ALL city residents, businesses and visitors.

If you have questions about where I stand on any other issues that are important to you, please email me at:


Or text me at: 240-310-9617

Austin Heffernan




Authority: Citizens for Austin Heffernan – Pamela Heffernan - Treasurer

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