Your VOTE is the most powerful tool you possess!

I sincerely appreciate the support I was shown during the Primary, but now I really need your support to cross the finish line in November!

Please sign-up to support my campaign! I need your help to control increases to, and direct use of our City Taxes, redirect funding to improve Law Enforcement services, and work to create stronger Drug and Crime Ordinances.

Whether you can volunteer to help knock on doors, display a yard sign, or make a donation to help me reach more voters, you CAN make a huge difference in Hagerstown’s future!

Voter turnout during the Primary was MUCH LOWER than expected, due to the decision to rely on mail-in ballots, the decision to only open one in-person voting location, (not just for the City, but for the entire County!) and elimination of the opportunity to do early in-person voting. I have talked to countless people who waited until the last minute to vote and found they had misplaced their mail-in ballots, or accidentally waited until it was too late to get them postmarked by the deadline, or CHOSE to not participate because they didn’t trust voting by mail and intended to vote in person, but were discouraged from going on election-day due to reports (real or otherwise) of long lines at the voting center due to restrictions on the number of people allowed inside at one time and social-distancing requirements, so they did not vote.

If the Washington County Board of Elections repeats this process in November, then it is imperative that all voters either: 1) Fill out and mail-in their ballots as soon as possible after receipt, so they don’t get misplaced or mistakenly thrown-away with the junk-mail, 2) Fill out and drop their ballots into one of the ballot-collection boxes, again as soon as possible after receipt, or 3) COMMIT to showing-up to vote in-person.

Please contact me for more information, and sign-up to help make a bright future for Hagerstown! Working together, we CAN make a difference!

Campaign Fund Donations can be made online here, or mailed to:

Citizens For Austin Heffernan

1118 Hamilton Boulevard

Hagerstown, MD 21742

Contact me by email at:

or by phone at: 240-310-9617






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